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Educational and organized group traveling encompasses a full spectrum of activities, from day field trips, extensive week long intersessions, collegiate groups studying domestically or abroad, sports travel, to college recruitment purposes. This type of traveling means staying within fixed budgets, tracking revenue brought in by traveling participants, recording expenses and keeping images of receipts.

The need of having a spontaneous and convenient way to track revenue and expenses while traveling is becoming a necessity in demanding schedules. Cell phones and tablets are now travel companions and can be utilized as device assistants, promoting effective time management, optimal record keeping, while offering convenience.

TRVLEASE is an application with the capability of multi-tasking and tracking incoming monies from participating travelers, creating a budget, recording categorical expenses, maintaining running balances, receipt image storage, conveniences that group travelers need for successful and memorable experiences while reaching their specific goals

How Discover Trvlease

As an educator, I travel with my students to places all over theUnited States and abroad. . Managing travel finances, which include tracking student deposits and expenses is time consuming and tedious. Keeping track via a notebook and loose receipts, , I would often find myself working late into the evening after a full day of traveling.

So I created TRVLEASE while working towards my M.A. in Interactive Design. . This project has evolved into a reality; An all encompassing travel app which tracks incoming monies from travelers, categorical expenditures, and remaining budget.

Now I have TRVLEASE to track travel finances from start to finish, while opening up quality time for rest and relaxation with peace of mind.

Leilani Deem, Creator of TRVLEASE

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